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Remote private GP consultation

Our experienced doctors, based in Henley and Reading, offer consultations via video or by telephone to patients all over the UK.


Appointments are up to 30 minutes and cost £150. This fee covers the consultation time along with, when applicable, the writing of a referral letter or prescription. Please note, as a private practice, we are unable to write NHS prescriptions.


Prescriptions can either be emailed to patients who can then take the electronic prescription to any pharmacy, or they can be sent directly to an online pharmacy called Pharmacierge who will contact the patient directly to organise payment and delivery of the medication.


Book a remote GP consultation

Our doctors could help you with...


Diagnose and treat Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) quickly and effectively


The doctor can review your symptoms and recommend treatment options

Children's Health

We can consult with the child and their parent/guardian to review any concerns or symptoms and recommend treatment

Mental Health

The opportunity to discuss your concerns with the doctor who will be able to assess your mental health needs and advise, refer or prescribe as appropriate

Flu, Coughs & Colds

Get advice on how to treat your symptoms

Men's Health

We can help you with many areas of men's health including erection difficulties, hormonal concerns, urological / prostate issues, cardiovascular risks and concerns

Sexual Health

Sexual health concerns can be discussed remotely and testing kits can be sent to your home for you to send to the laboratory (additional charges apply for tests)


Discuss your symptoms and treatment options to alleviate your suffering

Women's Health

Discuss your concerns about period problems, irregular bleeding, pelvic pain and pain during sex, PMS / PMT, contraception, urinary symptoms, sexual health

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