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Corporate Services

Prioritising the health and wellbeing of employees is a key priority for many companies. Providing employees with fast and easy access to private GP appointments is highly beneficial as it is likely to reduce absenteeism through timely medical care, enhance productivity by promoting a healthy workforce, improve retention and recruitment prospects, and achieve cost savings in the long run by preventing more significant healthcare related expenses.

Read more on the benefits here.

We offer 2 schemes for businesses - corporate in-house clinics and corporate membership.


Corporate in-house GP clinics

With this scheme, we run a GP clinic from your offices for a duration and frequency to suit you. For example, we could run a 3 hour clinic every week, or an 8 hour clinic once a month.


You can manage the bookings yourself, or we can provide an online booking system for your employees to use.



4 hour clinic


5 hour clinic


6 hour clinic


7 hour clinic


8 hour clinic


  • The fee covers the consultation time with a GP, and if necessary, the writing of prescriptions and referral letters.

  • As a private service, our doctors will write private prescriptions which means the patient will need to pay for the medication from a pharmacy.

  • Procedures or tests are charged additionally.  You can decide whether the company or employee pays for any additional costs.

  • Our standard appointment time is 30 minutes, but we can adjust this to 15 or 20 minute appointments to suit your needs.

Corporate in-house menopause clinics

This scheme is implemented in the same way and costs the same as our corporate in-house GP clinics, but it is run by menopause specialist doctors.  Appointments for this clinic can be 30-60 minutes in duration.  

With menopause impacting so many working women, and access to menopause support being variable, offering easy access to menopause consultations can be a highly attractive employee benefit.

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Corporate membership

With our corporate membership scheme, your employees can 

access consultations with a doctor, either in our Henley-on-Thames clinic, our Reading clinic or via telephone/video, as often as required without incurring a consultation fee.  

Members may be employees or immediate family members living in the same household as an employee.

Monthly fees

Number of members

Per person fee

















There is a one-off joining/set up fee of £250 per plan

  • Membership fees are the same price for adults and children.

  • The minimum commitment is for 12 months, thereafter you can cancel your membership at any time.

  • Membership does not cover the cost of home visits and all other treatments and tests which are chargeable at the standard prices

Health Screening

We offer comprehensive health screens that involve a full medical examination and a series of tests and checks (kidney function, liver function, heart tracing, lung function, glucose, diabetes test, cholesterol and more). A detailed report is produced that provides an overview of the patient's health and any recommended actions.  The focus is on preventing illness and maintaining good health which have huge benefits for employees and employers.

We offer volume discounts to corporations looking to book for several employees. Please get in touch to enquire - 01491 313131.

Click here for more information on our health screening.

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