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MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)

Measles is an illness that causes many symptoms including a rash, fever and feeling generally unwell, however it can cause serious symptoms including pneumonia and encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). Mumps can cause painful swellings in the parotid glands (at the side of the face) as well as other symptoms including headaches, joint pain, and a high temperature. Rubella (German measles) can cause a rash as well as other symptoms including sore throat, joint pain, and a high temperature. Infection during early pregnancy can cause miscarriage or the child may be born with congenital rubella syndrome causing lifelong problems for the unborn child.

The Vaccine

Who can have this vaccine?

Adult and children 1 year+

Doses required

2 doses

The first dose of MMR should be given between 12 and 13 months of age. A second dose is normally given at age 3 years and 4 months but can be given from eighteen months. For a person over 18 months with unknown or incomplete vaccination, they should receive 2 doses at least one month apart.


£60 per dose

How is it given?

This is an injection in the upper arm (or thigh).

How long does protection last?


Other information

Patient Leaflet

Please refer to the patient leaflet for full information on this vaccine:

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