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Women's Health

Consultations with Dr Kennedy, our women's health doctor, are up to 30 minutes and can be booked in our Henley clinic or via video or phone.


Consultations cost £150 or free for members. There is no further charge for the writing of a referral letter or prescription during the consultation. Please note, as a private practice, we are unable to write NHS prescriptions. The fee does not cover the cost of any medication or further procedures or blood tests.


Please note:  the doctor will not be able to discuss health concerns that are not related to women's health in these appointments.

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A women's health appointment would be appropriate for the following:

  • Period problems: Irregular periods, heavy periods, painful periods, bleeding in between periods, bleeding after sex

  • Pelvic pain and pain during sex

  • PMS / PMT

  • Contraception

  • Urinary symptoms: Incontinence (leaking of urine), urinary urgency (rushing to the toilet), frequency (having to pass urine too often), recurrent cystitis / UTIs

  • Vaginal prolapse

  • Vulval itching or soreness

  • Vaginal discharge

For menopause, please click here.

Other services

Cervical Screening (smear test)

Cervical Screen: £215 

Cervical Screen plus cytology: £330 

The cervical screen involves checking for the presence of certain high risk types of a virus (HPV) which could go on to cause cervical cancer if left untreated. If the virus is detected, the cells in your sample will be examined (cytology) for abnormalities.

This is the same test that is offered by the NHS screening programme for women aged 25-49 years every 3 years, and for women aged 50-64 every 5 years.

The 'plus cytology' screen includes the cytology regardless of whether HPV is present, giving you additional reassurance.

Coil Fitting

Coil fitting: £440 

Coil removal & fitting: £490 

Coil removal: £150 

The fee includes the coil device, the appointment with the doctor to fit it and a check-up appointment 4-6 weeks later. If you need to discuss your requirements and whether a coil is right for you, please book a women's health consultation separately first.

To book - please call us on 01491 313131.

Contraceptive / Hormone Implant


The fee includes the implant and fitting. To book - please call us on 01491 313131. 

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Members - click here to book a free consultation

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