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What is the BMS?

The British Menopause Society (BMS) is the specialist authority for menopause and post reproductive health in the UK. The BMS educates, informs and guides healthcare professionals, working in both primary and secondary care, on menopause and all aspects of post reproductive health. 

To become an accredited specialist, healthcare professionals need to hold a recognised menopause educational qualification, be a member of the British Menopause Society, attend a national or international menopause society scientific conference at least once every three years, provide a minimum of 100 menopause related consultations per year, of which at least 50 are new; and be responsible for ensuring that the specialism is documented in their job plan and is discussed and recorded at their annual appraisal in the UK or Ireland.

Our menopause expert, Dr Helen Kennedy, has been a British Menopause Society accredited specialist since 2019 and has experience in managing women with more complex requirements. She is also an experienced fitter of contraceptive coils and implants and has been an accredited trainer for the BMS special skills module in menopause care.

When you see a BMS accredited specialist, this should provide you with the reassurance that they are a expert in menopause and will follow national guidance (e.g. NICE) and BMS recommendations and guidance for practice and prescribing.

To find BMS accredited menopause specialist, click here.


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