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Human papillomavirus (HPV). There are many types of HPV, some of which can cause genital warts and anogenital cancers in both men and women. For example, HPV is a recognised cause of cervical cancer.

The Vaccine

Who can have this vaccine?

People aged 9-45

Doses required

1 or 2 doses

The guidance from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has changed over time. Previously, two doses were recommended. However, in September 2023, they suggested the two dose schedule could be reduced to a single dose for people aged under 25. For those over 25, two doses should be given; the second dose is to be given 6-24 months after the first.


£185 per dose

How is it given?

This is an injection in the upper arm.

How long does protection last?

The duration of protection is not yet known. Longer term follow-up studies are ongoing to determine whether a booster dose is needed.

Other information

Side effects can include pain and redness at the site of the injection, headache, fever, tiredness, dizziness, nausea. Please refer to the patient leaflet for a full list of potential side effects, including those that are uncommon or rare.

Patient Leaflet

Please refer to the patient leaflet for full information on this vaccine:

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