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medical certificate for sport in Henley Reading Marlow

Medical Certificate for Sport

Some sporting events require participants to obtain a medical certificate signed by a doctor. This is particularly common in France and several other European countries.

Our doctors can assess your fitness to participate in an event and, as long as you are considered suitable, provide you with a signed medical certificate.  Our doctors can also complete event specific medical forms should your event require this. 

The cost for this service is £75.

If your sporting event requires a more thorough medical assessment, for example with a physical examination, ECG or spirometry, please contact us for pricing.


How does it work?


Complete form

Also upload the event document if applicable


Pay £75 fee




Answer questions

If requested by the doctor


Receive certificate

Within 1-2 working days

Important information

  • You must provide accurate, current and complete information about yourself.

  • The doctor will issue your certificate on the basis of no medical contraindication to your participation in the event. This is based on the medical information you declare.

  • A medical certificate does not constitute a warranty.  We do not provide warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.

  • A medical certificate does not negate the need for common sense regarding personal safety connected with participating in a sporting event.  You need to understand your own physical limitations and be prepared to stop exercising if you feel ill or are beyond your natural exercise capacity. 

  • If the doctor decides it is not appropriate to issue you a certificate, we will refund the fee paid. 

  • Please review our full terms and conditions of service.

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