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When should I stop taking HRT?

Many women ask how long they should stay on HRT, and if they stop, will their menopausal symptoms return.


There isn’t one single answer to this as all women, their bodies and their symptoms are different.  The duration of HRT use should depend on various factors including the severity of menopausal symptoms, individual health considerations, and any potential risks associated with long-term HRT. 

For most women between the ages of 50 and 60, taking HRT is beneficial for their health and the benefits outweigh the risks. 

With advancing age, the requirement for oestrogen diminishes and the body naturally adjusts. Many women successfully wean themselves off HRT, typically around age 60, without the return of symptoms.

Some women continue to experience bothersome symptoms into their late 60s or 70s, and thus some decide the benefits of staying on HRT outweigh the particular risks.  


It is important that all women who are on HRT have a review with their doctor, at least annually, to assess the ongoing need for HRT and to monitor for any potential risks or side effects. For as long as the benefits of HRT are perceived to outweigh the risks, treatment can be continued, but should be optimised to use the safest combinations of hormones in appropriate doses. There are alternative treatments and lifestyle interventions such as regular exercise, stress reduction techniques, and dietary changes which should also be considered to manage menopausal symptoms.


Dr Helen Kennedy,

Women’s Health Doctor and BMS Accredited Menopause Specialist

The Maxwell Practice in Henley-on- Thames

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