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What are the common health concerns for men?

Our GPs can help with a multitude of men’s health symptoms and concerns.

Common health concerns include:

- Prostate problems

- Bladder issues and incontinence

- Testicular problems – lumps, swelling, soreness

- Impotence/erectile dysfunction

- Loss of muscle mass and fat redistribution

- Mental and emotional health

- Mood swings, tiredness, poor concentration and irritability, loss of enthusiasm

- Cardiovascular symptoms and concerns

- High blood pressure

- Diabetes concerns or risk evaluation

- Health screening

It is better for your long-term health to identify and manage issues early - so, if you have symptoms, please see a doctor and don't ignore them.

If you'd like to book an appointment with one of our private GPs in Henley to discuss a men's health concern, click here or call 01491 313131.

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